This page has instructional videos to help you understand and use SeaMarks.  Click on an appropriate video below to run it.

You can either install from the Download or wait for the USB/CD in the mail.  Since the mailed device has the NOAA and Bathymetric charts, as well as a folder of waypoints, you will generally want to install again or at least copy all the files to the program folder when you get it.

W10 Downloading and installing SeaMarks

W7 Downloading and Installing SeaMarks

Installing SeaMarks from USB/CD

You can display your data in SeaMarks a variety of ways.  This video shows the spreadsheet and chart options you can use.  There are a few spreadsheet organizations and several charting options.  The program has simple charts, Noaa charts, Bathymetric charts and  Google Earth charts.

SeaMarks Display Options

The SeaMarks program is designed for fishermen and divers to manage their valuable fishing spot GPS or Loran data. It has a lot of management and display options and this video explores ways to manipulate and edit your data on the spreadsheet.


The SeaMarks program can help you move your fishing data between brands and models of GPS s. This video shows several of the operations that can be performed.


More videos are being prepared, so check back occasionally if you think we will have a video that solves your questions.