Utilities and Waypoints

Utility Downloads

Seamarks’ NorthStar loader

The following program is the latest (V3.1) update for cable uploading and downloading NorthStar GPSs via the SeaMarks program.  It is shipped with the SeaMarks program.

Download North.exe for NorthStar 941/951 interfacing (0.25 Mbytes)

Older Seamarks Northstar Loader

If the SeaMarks’ NorthStar Uploader/Downloader does not seem to work and gets locked up, perhaps you need the older (V2.1)  version found here.  It is slow and takes about a half hour to download 955 points.  It has the same name as the newer one, so you might move the newer one (North.exe)  to a holding folder before replacing it with this one.  Then download this to the SeaMarks program’s folder.

Download the version 2.1 Northstar loader: North.exe

NorthStar’s own loader

This program is NorthStar’s own upload/download utility.  That is all it does, but if the above ones gives you trouble, then try this one as it is the manufacturer’s own.  It will create or read a file that SeaMarks can import/export.

Furuno loader

This program is for uploading and downloading older Furuno GPSs like the GP30 that require a cable connection. It downloads to a file that SeaMarks can import or export.  This is an alternative to the built-in down loader of the SeaMarks program.

Download Furuno.exe for Furuno interfacing (0.15 Mbytes)

Magnetic compass variation tool

This program is to calculate the magnetic compass variation. It updates the old version shipped prior to 5/31/00.

Download MagVar (0.63 Mbytes)

Universal Transverse Mercator converter

This program can convert from UTM to Lat/Lon and back. This is a free utility for those that need the capability to work with Universal Transverse Mercator coordinates (like Northings and Eastings).

Download (0.2 Mbytes)

Lowrance Sonar Log Viewer

This is a PC software program that lets you view your sonar logs on the PC. You can even adjust some of the sonar settings from the PC program and it will adjust what you see on the screen.


Download the Sonar Log Viewer  (17.8MBytes)

SeaMarks Program Waypoints Downloads

These are files of waypoints found on the internet or given to us for public release. These files are in the dBase III format to work with the SeaMarks program.  They can also be read and printed by most database and spreadsheet programs.

Saltwater Central Bluewater Supermap points off the Florida Coasts.

Saltwater Center Logo
This consists or 4500 points off both coasts of florida and is a fantastic resource.
click here to get Supermap-waypoints

Volusia County, Florida calibration waypoints on artificial reefs

Volusia reefs by Volusia County Reef Association

These are waypoints on a variety of Florida east coast artificial reefs that can be used for calibration waypoints in that area. This material generously supplied by: John Lane, Volusia County Reef Research Dive Team, .

LORAN TDs and WAAS or DGPS GPS L/L waypoints were taken on separate LORAN and GPS units when anchored over a ship, barge or large pile of material on each site. These points were already used in calibrating the ASF tables.

click here to get: VolusiaCalibration.DBF

Brevard County Florida waypoints

These waypoints are on a variety of Florida east coast reefs off Sebastian and Canaveral inlets.  They consist of LORAN TDs and DGPS GPS L/L waypoints taken on a Sitex XJ1 LORAN and a GPS.  They are already used in the pre-calibrated ASF tables.

click here to get: BrevardCalibration.DBF


Okaloosa County Florida Artificial Reefs

Emerald Coast Reef Association logo

by Emerald Coast Reef Association


Steinhatchee Florida waypoints. 

Sea Hag Marina logo

Sea Hag Marina waypoints from

It’s as simple as looking at a chart or running out of the channel inside Steinhatchee marker 13 to realize why our offshore fishing is so good. While we don’t have lots of close-in deep offshore water, we do have an abundance of limestone outcroppings, ledges, and offshore springs. All attract gag and red grouper, American red and mangrove snapper, king mackerel, cobia, sheepshead, and of course, black sea bass and ‘Florida snapper’. This is a set of fishing holes posted by Sea Hag.  I do not know if they were originally Loran or GPS or both.

Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission logo

 A listing of hundreds of artificial reef sites arranged by coastal county (34 files). DISCLAIMER: The GPS and LORAN entries in the chain field indicates which format the original coordinates were obtained (if known). The other set of coordinates was calculated and is probably not as accurate as the original set as only the government ASF tables were used. Where both was indicated, I do not recommend that they be used as calibration waypoints as I have seen problems with them.
Click here to get:

Florida wrecks

A listing of wrecks for diving from a site called that I can’t find anymore . Mark Zurl says: “The numbers below represent what I currently have from various sources and are highly accurate. They were taken at the actual site by reliable equipment, not calculated from LORAN or obtained from unreliable sources. Some were given to me, and others I have collected myself, like the PeeWee Vreeland; published Broward County numbers for this shipwreck have proven inaccurate. I am NOT promoting them as dive sites, nor should they be dove by anyone without the proper training, equipment, and experience to do so” – Mark Zurl”

Click here for: TravelByGPS-wrecks.DBF

St. Petersburg Wreck list

This is a listing derived from Loran C for wrecks local to the Tampa/St. Pete/Clearwater area.  It is an old list from the SPUC.

Click here for FloridaLocalWrecksOffStPete.DBF

 Florida Sportsman Holes and Springs

Florida Sportsman logo

During the last Ice Age, the sea was about 300 ft lower so these sink holes and springs were once on land.  From the Florida Sportsman Magazine.

Click here for: FloridaSportsmanHolesAndSprings.DBF

Mexico Beach, Florida

Mexico Beach Artificial Reef Association logo

The Mexico Beach artificial Reef association has published the following set of reef information on 146 spots.
Click here for MBARA.dbf

Team Live Wire logo


Team Live Wire GPS Coordinates

They say: “The GPS numbers listed on this site have been collected using several sources through the years.  Though many of the numbers have been verified, all have not.  USE THESE NUMBERS AT YOUR OWN RISK,  If numbers used from this site are found to be incorrect, please contact us so changes can be made.  These numbers are updated regularly to ensure best possible accuracy and to add new numbers.”

The sites waypoints were manipulated into the SeaMarks format and Loran numbers calculated from them without calibration using the government ASF tables. Some of the waypoints may have originally been converted from Loran with unknown accuracy.


 Long bay Artificial Reef Association

  Long bay Artificial Reef Association logo
North Carolina reef balls project
Long Bay is located at the southern end of North Carolina, from Cape Fear to the South Carolina border.  These do not represent all the artificial reefs on their chart.

Click Here for: lbara-reef-balls-NC.DBF

Louisiana Reefs, Wrecks, and Rigs possibly from

Mike Lane's rodnreel waypoints logo

This list was fetched from the web some time ago and I have lost the original origin.  It was possibly done from this site as they currently have a very extensive data base.

click here to get: Louisiana-wrecks.DBF

click here to get: Louisiana-rigs.DBF

click here to get: Louisiana-balls.dbf

Alabama reefs and wrecks

A list of stuff from the from the Alabama Department of Conservation and Natural Resources 

click here to get: Alabama_Reefs.dbf

click here to get: Alabama_Tanks.dbf

click here to get: AlabamaPublicReefs.dbf

Outdoor Alabama reefs   from

click here to get Master_AL_Public_Reef_Coordinates.DBF

Upper Gulf Wrecks and Hazards data from 1988

This data is from an old set of lists.  It contains some good data and some suspect data.  For example, if the lat/lon is rounded off to the nearest minute or degree, the data is useless.  However, there may be gems in the list.




Upper Gulf Oil Rigs from TravelByGPS

51,673 spots, some duplicated, some probably removed.  This is from a site that is no longer available.The data covers  AL through TX.  FL does not allow drilling.



Mississippi Gulf Fishing Banks

Mississippi DMR waypoints logo

A list of offshore artificial reefs.  The first is a list recently added from the site:
with 69 GPS waypoints and the second is one downloaded in 2006 that has 236 waypoints, most of which were in Loran form.
click here to get: MississippiGulfFishingBanks.DBF

click here to get: Mgfb_Database.dbf

Chesapeake Bay Fishing holes

WRECKS, REEFS AND FISHING HOT SPOTS ON THE CHESAPEAKE BAY courtesy of The Chesapeake Angler magazine
These waypoints are provided as is without conversion by the program.  I don’t know the accuracy of either the Loran or GPS data, so be advised that the data could be off the mark.

Chesapeake Angler Magazine logo

click here to get Waypoints for Chesapeake Bay.dbf

MD, VA reefs

Don’t remember where I got the following from, so if anyone can enlighten me, I will put the data here.

click here to get: ChesapeakeBayFishing.dbf

click here to get: MD-VA-coordinates.DBF

Chesapeake wrecks

The following was found on a site at:
I don’t know where the data came from, so I would assume that the lat/lon may be suspect.  Certainly it is questionable for use as calibration data.

click here to get wrecks near Chesapeake Bay Inlet

SaltWater FISHING waypoints for the North East US!

Selected Loran and Lat/Lon coordinates for shipwrecks and artificial reefs in the New Jersey – New York – Long Island area some are duplicates from different sources. Supplied by N. Hirsch at, although this site has closed.

click here to get:

Aqua Explorers’ Wrecks of NJ, NY, CT, MA and RI

The Free Shipwreck Location GPS Coordinate List for New jersey, New York, Connecticut, Massachusetts and Rhode Island.  The list on their site:  has clickable links to get historical info and images.

Aqua Explorers Logo
Click here to get AquaExplorers.dbf


This is an old government data base of wrecks and obstructions in the North East US. It contains stuff that may no longer be there and also has some points that are too rounded off to be of any use. All the data is in Lat/Lon. The original name was something like: DIGital Archive of Wrecks and Obstructions

click here to get: digawo.dbf

West Michigan Dive Center

This site has closed but left a list of waypoints for us.  Most are GPS coordinates, but some are possible calibration points as both Loran and GPS were given.

click here to get: WestMichiganDiveCenter.DBF

Lake Erie Wrecks

All Information from Erie Wrecks by Georgann & Michael Wachter.

Click here for: LakeErieWrecks.DBF

Southern California Hot Spots

Fishing Network logo

Southern California Hot Spots by:

Click here for: SO_CaliforniaHotSpots.DBF