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Purchases on this page are handled by PayPal.  You do not have to have an account with them as the transaction can be done with your credit card.  They process your order and send us the proceeds minus their fee. Then they send both of us e-mails confirming the order. Your order will be shipped at the first opportunity along with a confirmation e-mail that explains how you can download the program too. This email may take a while as orders are processed by a human once or twice a day. Please include your phone number. You become registered with us automatically.  Buying with Paypal does not require signing up for a Paypal account (unless you want to).

There is basically only one software product to buy and it is called SeaMarks.   You can also order the Maps Unique Waypoints to go with SeaMarks.  They are for the central East coast of USA, that is, Georgia and the Carolinas.

Note: If you have one of those ultra thin notebook computers without a CD drive, you can order the software on a unique credit card flip out USB flash drive for an extra $5.

USB or CD delivery options
USB or CD delivery options

Also note, if you live in the middle of the state or the middle of the country, tell us what part of the coastline you fish so we can include the appropriate NOAA region charts with your package.

To order via phone, call 321 725 4115
To order via US mail send order and check to:
Andren Software Co.
906 S. Ramona Ave.
Indialantic, FL 32903-3435

Add 6% sales tax if you live in Florida.
Please include phone number and email address if you have them.

For a demo or trial version see: Click here for Demo

SeaMarks (for Windows through 10) on CD or USB

Note: USD is US Dollars not USB


SeaMarks Combined with Maps Unique waypoints (for WINDOWS through Windows-10). The 3000 Maps Unique waypoints are for NC, SC, and the North Georgia Atlantic coast.

Click here for data on Maps unique

MU with option

See below for upgrades and the Maps Unique data base. 
If you bought an older version of the program (more than 2 years earlier) and it is registered with us, then you can upgrade it to the latest version below. This is not a patch, but a whole new CD/USB so you don't need the old copy. If you bought a version 10.0 or later (purchased within the last 2 years), go to the Support page for a free upgrade.otherwise the price of the upgrade is dependent on the version you purchased.  This means it costs more the older your purchase was.  This covers the cost of developments since your last purchase.

Upgrade for SeaMarks/LoranGPS on CD or USB to latest version


This Maps Unique upgrade section is intended to add the SeaMarks compatible file to an upgrade offer.  This will give the buyer a Maps Unique data base in DBF format that can be opened in SeaMarks, Excel, or Microsoft Access.  It is not a GPS  readable file but one that SeaMarks can export to a GPS.  


Conversion service is available.

We will convert your Loran data to GPS Lat/Lon (or one brand/model of GPS to another) using SeaMarks and return you an emailed file with the data and a chart.  The fee is $30 flat rate if no typing by us is needed to convert the file.  If not a GPS file, it should be transmitted to us in an email as a simple comma separated file or an Excel spreadsheet.
If we have to type the data in, then there is an additional  typing charge of $30 per 50 waypoints or fraction thereof.

The preferred form of data wanted is a comma delimited pure text list like:
17429.1, 43867.5, PAULS, AWFUL LEDGE  PAULS REEF
17362.5, 43913.2, WP0003, WHALE SNOT POT HOLE
17348.0, 43701.6, NONEXIST, 800 LB SPONGE IN BLUE HOLE
This is a file with four fields: TD1, TD2, NAME, DESCRIPTION.  If you want more fields in the list, like depth, icon, or Group then you can add them too.  The minimum number of fields is 2: TD1, TD2.  Just make sure that however many fields there are in the list, there are one fewer commas. All rows of the list should have the same number of fields (and commas).  If any field data is missing, just leave it blank, but include the appropriate commas.  Please do not double space the rows.

The list can be embedded in an email or in a text file or spreadsheet attached to an email.  If you mail or FAX a hand written or typed list, then the higher (typing) cost applies.  We also need an initial lat/lon estimate of the location of the points to be converted.  It should be within 50 miles of the points to be converted to let us know what Loran chain is being used.  That would be like: 28 05.0N  80 13.0W for offshore Melbourne Florida.  You could use the name of the nearest city or inlet instead, like Port Cape Canaveral.

An Excel spreadsheet is also OK. Make it one waypoint per row with no commas or quotation marks. The file should have two columns for the loran numbers, up to 10 columns for other data, and no blank rows.  You can include a header row with column names.
Email the file to sales@andren.com

These are some conversion options:

  1. Conversions from one GPS brand's format to a different one's is  $30, flat rate.
  2. Conversion of a properly formatted digital list of Loran TDs to Lat/Lon is $30 flat rate.
  3. Conversion of Loran or GPS data returned in a file to import into your GPS is $40.  Let us know the make and model of the GPS.
  4. If you want option 3 and want the results shipped to you on a suitable SD card the cost is $50

Conversion Service. for Loran TDs Flat rate is for a formatted file emailed to us. If typing is needed then the option 2 quantity equals 1 plus the number of blocks of 50 waypoints.  For other options like this, please contact Andren Software by phone or email to get a quote.

Purchase Conversion Service:

Conversion options