SeaMarks (aka LoranGPS) upgrade download

Name Change (re-branding)

This program has been continuously revised since its' first sale in 1985. It started out completely Loran centric and was called the "Loran Program". It evolved towards GPS centric with a name change to LoranGPS. I recently renamed it SeaMarks (think landmarks) to make it more generic yet specific to marine navigation.

This page is for the use of owners of previous versions who have purchased an upgrade. It is intended to get you up and running as soon as possible.  It is assumed that you have purchased the upgrade and want to download it to work on while waiting for the CD or USB to arrive.  Place the download in a temporary location like the DESKTOP or DOWNLOADS and run it from there.  It will prompt you for information and locations. You will need a User Preferences file from your old installation or an access code (sent to you in the e-mail that led you here) in order to use this upgrade. The upgrade privilege exists for two years after your last purchase. After 2 years, you should buy the upgrade.

When you get the CD or USB, you can use it to install the program again. There are coastlines, many charts, and other useful items on the CD or USB, so it is well that you install again from it.

Download the 8.8 version of the program - 5/20/18 (14.3 Mbytes)

Read/Download the full manual  (7.1 Mbytes)

You can use the program without the following, but you might already have them. They will be on the CD, so you can wait to install them when you get the CD. If you are upgrading a reasonably recent version, you probably already have most or all of them. If you lost all of your previous installation in a computer crash and don't have your installation disks, then you may need them until the mail arrives.

Note: If you have calibrated your old program, this upgrade may overwrite that calibration. You will need to repeat the calibration if you find that the new pre-calibrated tables are not as good as the ones you had calibrated.

While using this program you may also want one or more of the coastlines below if you don't have them already.

Download the high resolution US coastline (7 Mbytes)

Download the medium resolution US coastline (2 Mbytes)

Download the medium resolution world coastline (5.7 Mbytes)

Download the low resolution world coastline (0.8 Mbytes)

Quick Setup Instructions

When you have completed the installation as described above, you will open the program and may need to personalize it. The setup will attempt to use your existing User Preferences file, but if that is missing, it will install a new one. Personalizing is primarily setting the printout title and the center lat/lon of your fishing area. It is also good to set up your reference inlet at this time. The program is shipped with a UserPreferences file pre-set for the region of the country the customer is located in. If your location is is different from what has been pre-set, then change whatever information you need to. If it is completely inappropriate, then consult the manual for further instructions on the setup. Assuming that you have properly set the User Preferences, then you save those settings and close that form.

Download and read the manual. It was written from two viewpoints. Sections 1, 2, and 3 are from the viewpoint: I want to do these basic operations; what buttons (menu items) do I need to use? Section 4 is written from the orthogonal viewpoint: If I push this button or select this menu item; what happens?. Section 4 is much more complete since it is bounded by the number of selections available. The first viewpoint is unbounded in that the author cannot guess all the things a user might want to do. Only sections 1, 2, and 3 are in the mini manual shipped with the program to keep it short and have it fit in a DVD case. All sections are also in the help file available by pressing key F1.

Thank you for purchasing this upgrade and good luck fishing.

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Appeal for calibration data

In order to better serve the Loran/GPS community, I need calibration points for various areas of the country. With this data, I can pre-calibrate the ASF tables to make it unnecessary for people in those areas to calibrate the program. With the shut down of the Loran system, many users will not have good calibration data. They thrash around with inadequate data such as read off maps. This makes for bad feelings about the program and many internet postings about how one cannot do a good conversion with a computer program. If you send calibration data, I will keep this information confidential and only use it to improve the pre-calibrated ASF tables. Your waypoints will not be disclosed. If you want recognition for your efforts, I can post appropriate credits. Please send good calibration data taken with a real Loran and a GPS simultaneously. The more points, the better the calibration will be. For 9960 and 8790 data please indicate whether it was taken before 1/17/07 or after as the station timing changed on that date. You can get calibration data from readings taken years apart as long as you know you are at the same spot when you take the GPS data corresponding to the Loran data.

The current calibration data was donated by:

Beau Radford- TX, Bob Stapleton-Mexico Bch FL, Carl Andren-Melbourne, Dale Olds-Destin, Dave Timpy-Masonboro NC, Don Busby-St. Pete, Jeff Emery-Daytona, Floyd Carrington-LI, Frank Dorio-NJ, George Steller-LI, Jim Netherton-St. Augustine, John Lane-St. Augustine, Kirby Klys-Middle Grounds, Mike Mahaffey-Destin, Rick Barnhardt-Holden Bch NC, Ron Surrency-Jacksonville, Stephen Shaddock -Lake Charles LA, Tom Brodley-Carrabelle, Tom Downey-Jacksonville, Tom Littlepage-Mobile AL, Uwe Lovas-MD&NC, Val Thomas-St. Augustine,

Modifications and Bugs fixed since version 7.0: Click here for the list