SeaMarks Demo program download

Welcome.  This page is for downloading a demonstration version of the SeaMarks program. This version is capacity limited to handling 30 readings, 30 conversions, and is time limited to 30 days. It will truncate larger files, so be careful to only use it for demonstration. Any files created by this version can be handled by the full version should you later purchase it. This version comes to you without the 16 page starter manual, so you can either download the manual below or read the on line help file to learn how to run the program .  For a quick start, the program comes with a test file and is set up for St. Petersburg, Florida.  You can change these configuration settings once you have become familiar with the program. The program will ask for an Access Code, but on that page is a button for running as a demo. Push that and you are off and running. If later you want to purchase the full version, you need only purchase an Access Code to fully enable the program.

Download the demo installation program - 5/20/18 (11.7 Mbytes)

Download it onto your computer's desktop or downloads folder and run it from there. It will install the SeaMarks program.

Download the full manual  (7.1 Mbytes)

The following are test charts for the NOAA charting capability

Download the Key West NOAA Chart (2.4 Mbytes)

To use this program you may also want one of the coastlines below.

Download the high resolution US coastline (7 Mbytes)

Download the medium resolution US coastline (2 Mbytes)

Download the medium resolution world coastline (5.7 Mbytes)

Download the low resolution world coastline (0.8 Mbytes)

The following programs are for uploading and downloading Furuno or Northstar GPSs to a file that SeaMarks can import. Garmin cable interfacing is built-in.

Download Furuno.exe for Furuno cable interfacing (0.15 Mbytes)

Download North.exe for NorthStar cable interfacing (0.25 Mbytes)